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Our Mission

Finance extra-curricular enhancement math lessons aimed at stimulating teenagers to continue their studies beyond mandatory education

Our Projects

March - June 2023

DivertiMente ("Enjoy the Minds"), our pilot project

MSC EF with The Tube and MatemUpper "in a journey discovering the MatheMagics"

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October 2023 - March 2024 (Module 1)
March - May 2024 (Module 2)

Thanks to UVI - Unione Volontari per l'Infanzia e l'Adolescenza and MatemUpper, we started our first class in Milano (Primary School "IC Via Maniago")

The success of the initiative made the school decide to extend the project until school-year end by adding a second module of lessons

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Febbraio - Maggio 2024

MSC EF with the "Homework Help Space" of the of Sant'Ambrogio Parish in Milan and MatemUpper

Forth-fifth graders and sixth-seventh graders, divided into two classes, encourage their curiosity and creative thinking

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Why this Project

Since they were ten, Pietro and Francesco have been attending weekly extracurricular math lessons held by talented young mathematicians. 

"We wondered if there was a way to make sure that the privilege we had could be extended to other teenagers who, coming from less fortunate situations, might be precluded from educational and work paths in which they could potentially succeed"

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Structure of the Project

  • In-presence or remote learning

  • Classes of 5 to 10 students 

  • Weekly lessons of 75 - 90 minutes each

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  • MSC EF together with Pietro e Francesco Baragiola (who will be maintaining a central role in pursuing all MSC EF's objectives as stated in the bylaws);

  • Tutors selected by MatemUpper among STEM young graduates and PhD candidates (who - thanks to MSC EF - earn a monthly income);

  • Students (selected among Educational Centers, Schools, non-profit Organizations ...).

The Pilot Project

Thanks to the Crowdfunding launched by Pietro and Francesco in October 2022, in March 2023 the "Pilot Project"for 15 teenagers was ready to start with "The Tube", the Educational Center of an NGO in Central Italy (Comunità di Capodarco di Fermo).

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